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"Visiting ours" "Hocus Bogus" newspaper article. Bluth Murder Trial?

I freeze framed the article article that appears about GOB's escape from the prison, and the actual text of the article talks about the opening statements from a murder trial of a Bluth who who stabbed his wife to death. Kind of an odd thing for an easter egg, huh?

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I just did the same thing. I interpret that as Michael killing his wife, which would make this entire series extremely twisted.


Here's the image:

1x06 Visiting Ours (13)

Often times they use dummy newspaper text for TV shows, assuming no one will pause it. I'd assume that's the same thing here, but the name "Bluth" is definitely something eerie.

I'll have to do some research and see if it's just a callout to a real-world Bluth.


I did a bit of researching online and couldn't find any real-world news reports of that happening. This episode aired in 2003 and a lot of smaller news publishers weren't digitally distributing their news yet. 

I find it hard to believe that this is actually a reference that Michael killed Tracey. It'd be way out of character for him. But you never know!

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