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Los Angeles Season Four Premiere

Cast and Crew From Left to Right: Mitch Hurwitz, Brian Grazer, Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, Alia Shawkat. Michael Cera, Jessica Walter, Portia de Rossi, Tony Hale, Jason Bateman, David Cross and Ted Sarandos.

Guest Stars Appearances include: Judy Greer, Justin Lee, Mae Whitman, Andy Richter, John Beard, Ed Begley, Jr., Terry CrewsRichard Jin Namkung and Mary Lynn Rajskub

The Premiere

All of the cast and crew (excluding Ron Howard) of Arrested Development were in attendance on the evening of April 29, 2013 for the Netflix Premiere of Arrested Development Season Four. The cast and crew gathered together in the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, CA for the Netflix premiere of Arrested Development. Both Michael Bluth centric episodes were screened — "Flight of the Phoenix" being the first shown.

Two weeks later, some cast and crew gathered in London for the London Season Four Premiere.

Arrested Development Greeting their Fans

Images from Social Media

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The official Arrested Development Twitter account was tweeting live throughout the event, with the use of the #ADredcarpet hashtag.



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Cindy the Ostrich

Main article: Cindy the Ostrich

Cindy the Ostrich was led down the Orange red carpet by her owner and she was also one of the most talked about topics of the premiere.

Orange Carpet Arrivals

Netflix Premiere After Party


Orange Carpet Interviews


"(It is) such a relief. It's so exciting. I've been waiting for a long, long time."  

 Portia de Rossi on Season Four

"She (Portia) did, we looked at them a little bit to remember her character. It just kind of came back to her"  

 Ellen Degeres on Portia de Rossi rewatching the old episodes

"If there is a movie, I think we've kind of caught the audience up from 2006 to 2012. I think that was the purpose of this series," said de Rossi. "And now by the end of this series we'll be in current time. That's all I know."  

 Portia de Rossi on an Arrested Development Movie

"Seven years in the waiting, as they say. (It was) emotional, for me, I care about this show a lot. It meant a lot for me in my career."  

 Jessica Walter on returning to Arrested Development

"Sometimes not really written until we got there, it was really kind of run-and-gun and exciting."  

 Jason Bateman on the Season Four script

"Everybody has gone out on a limb on this thing, in a very major way. We're doing something that I think is very new"  

 Mitch Hurwitz talking to the crowd

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