2x10 Ready, Aim, Marry Me (01)

Air Quotes
Appearances: "Ready, Aim, Marry Me"

Air quotes

Lucille Bluth using air quotes while drunk and holding alcohol in "Ready, Aim, Marry Me"

During the episode, "Ready, Aim, Marry Me", Lucille Bluth uses air quotes while drunk and holding a glass of alcohol.

This soon results in George Michael and Tobias Fünke slipping in the spilt liquid.


Lucille: I’m talking about the fact that my “friend,” Lucille Austero, bought our company, and I think she’s going for a power grab— that bitch!  

 From "Ready, Aim, Marry Me"

Lucille: She’ll sell the company, or break it up into little parts or something, all under the guise of “caring” about our family.  

 From "Ready, Aim, Marry Me"