3x05 Mr. F (41)

— Mentions: "Visiting Ours", "Mr. F", "Exit Strategy"

  Buster: Alias is a show about a spy!
From "Mr. F"

3x12 Exit Strategy (54)

Iraq, stylized after Alias, as seen in "Exit Strategy"

The show "Alias" is first mentioned when Tobias and Lindsey decide to attend couples therapy. After Lindsey airs her grievances concerning their relationship, Tobias slow claps ironically and responds, "Bravo. See, if I gave a performance that good, I’d have my own Alias-type show." ("Key Decisions")

When discussing that the Bluth family may have been infiltrated by a spy that tipped the Japanese investors off about mismanaged funds, Bob Loblaw mentions that the code name "Mr. F" may be an alias for the information leak. Buster then comments that "Alias is a show about a spy!" ("Mr. F")

When the Bluth brothers visit Iraq, the name IRAQ is shown to audiences in the style used in Alias. ("Exit Strategy")