Ancient Chinese Secret

Ancient Chinese Secret
First Appearance: "Sword of Destiny"

Ancient Chinese Secret is a shop visited by G.O.B. while he was in pursuit for a tea that he give his "dingle less tingle". He saw they had an ancient sword at the shop and bought it for his The Sword of Destiny act. ("Sword of Destiny")


Lindsay: See, he’s right. You’ve got a control problem, but I know this Eastern medicine store, Ancient Chinese Secret.

Tobas & Michael: Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?  

 From "Sword of Destiny"

  G.O.B.: Me quick want slow.
From "Sword of Destiny"


Ancient Chinese Secret00:32

Ancient Chinese Secret

  • "Ancient Chinese Secret?" was an early 1970's commercial for Calgon Water Softener featuring a Chinese man claiming his laundromat used an "ancient Chinese secret" but in reality was Calgon.

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