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2013 Netflix Ask AD - David and Portia 00

Arrested Development interviews

The cast and Crew of Arrested Development often give interviews with the press to promote the series or their other work. We've collected some available videos of these interviews for your viewing pleasure!

Morning News

While on the Season Four press tour the cast of Arrested Development visited numerous Morning News stations.

The Ellen Show

Main article: Arrested Development on The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show is a regular stop on the press tour, the cast of Arrested Development regularly stop by to discuss their new TV shows and Movies.


David Letterman

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Season Four Q&A

Main article: 2013 Arrested Development Q&A Sessions

There were many Question & Answer sessions while the cast of Arrested Development were on their press tour for Season Four.

The Hollywood Reporter - Round Table

Some Members of the Arrested Development cast were invited to the Hollywood Reporter round table to discuss their careers and how the started acting.

Huffington Post Live!

A few Arrested Development guest cast have been interviewed on Huffington Post Live.

EMPIRE Magazine

Total Film



Movie Interviews

Often when the Cast of Arrested Development are on press tours for their Movies, they are asked about the possibility of an Arrested Development Movie, previous seasons and Season Four.


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