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Arrested Development on Social Media

On April 4, 2013 Netflix revealed the official Arrested Development Twitter and Facebook accounts were revealed. The accounts have been sharing highlights from the first three seasons and season four.

Official Social Media Accounts

Twitter Accounts


Main Cast

Guest Cast


Social Marketing

Official Posts

→ See 20 pictures from AD Facebook Posts at Images from AD Facebook Posts.

Season Four Countdown

→ See 10 pictures from Arrested Development Countdown at Images from Arrested Development Countdown.

Character Collages - Then & Now

→ See 6 pictures of Arrested Development Then & Now at Images of Arrested Development Then & Now.

Episode Quotes

→ See 9 pictures of Episode Quotes at Images of Episode Quotes.

Behind the Scenes

Cast Photos

Crew Photos

Ron Howard tweeted several behind-the-scenes images from Season Four

Arrested Cast at Events

Main article: 2013 Los Angeles Netflix Orange Carpet Season Four Premiere

The official Arrested Development Twitter account was tweeting live throughout the event, with the use of the #ADredcarpet hashtag.

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