2x14 The Immaculate Election (61)

— Mentions: "The Immaculate Election", "Meat the Veals"

Blackstool is the hometown of Mrs. Featherbottom, according to... Mrs. Featherbottom. This is unlikely, as Blackstool doesn't exist. ("The Immaculate Election") It is also the origin of her Mini Cooper. ("Meat the Veals")


Michael: Hey, Lindsay, the place looks fantastic. What, did you pay somebody to do this?

Mrs. Featherbottom: Oh, I’ve no need for payment. The love of a family is more than enough.

Lindsay: I’m sorry, this is Mrs. Featherbottom.

Tobias: From Blackstool. I’m charmed, I’m sure.  

 From "The Immaculate Election"

Narrator: Fortunately, Tobias had rented a car to maintain his ruse.

Tobias: I had this shipped over from Blackstool. It’s what I used to drive the Roger Moores about in.  

 From "Meat the Veals"

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