2x07 Candy beans

Candy beans
Appearances: "Switch Hitter", "For British Eyes Only", "The Ocean Walker"

Candy beans are a favorite treat of Michael Bluth.


3x06 The Ocean Walker (36)

Michael eats candy beans in "The Ocean Walker"

When meeting with Stan Sitwell, G.O.B. notices that one of Stan's eyebrows falls into the bowl of candy beans on the coffee table at the model home. G.O.B. asks if he carries a spare bowl of candy beans. ("Switch Hitter")

After feeling rejected by Rita, Michael sullenly eats a bowl of candy beans in the stair car. ("For British Eyes Only")

After convincing Rita to not have sex (after discovering she is an MRF Michael eats a $15 bowl of candy beans to reward himself. ("The Ocean Walker")

At the Gothic Castle, G.O.B. tells George Michael he needs him to pose as his gay lover for some believable arm candy...bean.


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