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4x08 Red Hairing (193)

Cindy Featherbottom is Lindsay's alter-ego.
Actor: Portia de Rossi (as Lindsay Fünke) — First Appearance: "Red Hairing" — Last Appearance: "Señoritis"

Cindy Featherbottom is an red-haired alter-ego that Lindsay uses in order to persuade Herbert Love not to build the US/Mexico wall. The name "Cindy" comes from Cindy the Ostrich, Marky Bark's ostrich from his family's ostrich farm. The name "Featherbottom" comes from Tobias' alter-ego Mrs. Featherbottom.


→ See 11 pictures of Cindy Featherbottom at Images of Cindy Featherbottom.


Season One
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Season Four
"Red Hairing"

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