[[File:|670px|center|Damaged Property]]

Damaged Property
Appearances: Colony Collapse, Red Hairing, Queen B., Señoritis


S4 Trailer (18)

G.O.B. breaks his counter when he opens a beer bottle ("Colony Collapse")

4x08 Red Hairing (129)

Marky Bark's glitter bomb explodes and Marky is arrested

4x10 Queen B. (98)

Marky Bark's boat explodes when he placed the wrong luggage on the Herbert Love float ("Queen B.")

4x12 Señoritis (065)

Maeby broke into the model home where there was no internet ("Señoritis")

4x07 Colony Collapse (145)

G.O.B. breaks an Opie Award hoping to trap Tony Wonder

4x15 Blockheads (109)

The Mongolian Horde had a rampage through Cinco after the crowd starting chanting "put up the wall"

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