4x08 Red Hairing (020)

Divine Spirit
Appearances: "Borderline Personalities", "Red Hairing"

Divine Spirit is Marky Bark's alter-ego. The "Divine Spirit" warns George Bluth about their future. The Divine Spirit tells George that "The strong will become the weak, the weak will become the strong."


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When George and Oscar Bluth are consuming maca in Mexico, George sees the Divine Spirit for the first time, dressed in ornate feathers and attire who warns them "The strong will become the weak, the weak will become the strong". They don't seem to pay it any particular interest, and George insults it, joking that it is trying to market an Indian Casino. (4x2 — "Borderline Personalities")

In actuality, the Divine Spirit was Marky Bark dressed in an ostrich costume composed mostly of pieces of garbage. He was attempting to frighten George and Oscar off the land to preserve his mother's ostrich farm. (4x8 — "Red Hairing") 

4x08 Red Hairing (021)

Years later when his Father B.'s Colony collapses, George is haunted by memories of the vision. Dr. Norman attributes George's lowering testosterone levels to his disregarding of the Divine Spirit. (4x6 — "Double Crossers") 

4x06 Double Crossers (46)

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