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"Double Crossers"
Directors: Mitch Hurwitz & Troy Miller — Writer: Dean Lorey & Richard Rosenstock — Aired: May 26, 2013 — Icon-image      

"Double Crossers" is the sixth episode of Arrested Development's fourth season.

George's new business hits a rough patch and he must bribe a politician to get his scam back on track.


George meets with Herbert Love at his fundraising dinner and bribes him with a $50,000 check obtained from Lindsay to sponsor building the wall between America and Mexico. Meanwhile, Oscar, posing as George, makes love with Lucille who unwittingly reveals the entire land plot to him. Driving back to Mexico, George watches as Love announces on FOX 6 that he supports building the wall. Back at the sweat lodge, he discovers that his land is entirely in Mexico so he calls Barry to try and get Love to flip flop, but Love wants another bribe. At that moment, G.O.B. arrives in his limo. Lucille had told Oscar that she wanted G.O.B. involved in the project to groom him to be the Bluth Company president. George lets G.O.B.'s bees out of the limo and the swarm destroys his sweat lodge community. Oscar then powerfully stands up to George and storms off, claiming he is going to continue posing as him.

4x06 Double Crossers (53)

George and Lucille discuss their land.

George calls Lucille who tells him to get Love to oppose the wall at any cost. Afraid that he is losing his masculinity, George meets with Dr. Norman who tests his testosterone and leads George to believe that the Divine Spirit he saw while eating maca actually cursed him. Thinking he is going to Orange County Imaging, George walks into Orange County Imagine and sees Michael. He agrees to sign his release papers if Michael convinces Herbert Love to oppose the wall. He meets with Lucille and has no gusto to make love to her. She suggests that they convince Love to build enough of the wall to trigger the government payment to the Bluth Company, but not enough to eliminate the value of their Mexican land.

4x06 Double Crossers (72)

George and Buster film "the wall"

George convinces Michael to give G.O.B. a job so the brothers meet at the model home and brag about how great their lives are (even though neither is happy). They drink John Beard's Mike's Hard Lemonade and talk about Michael's fear of Ron Howard over his interest in Rebel Alley. G.O.B. suggests Michael show George Michael how successful he is by inviting him to the Ealing Club in order to get his rights for the Bluth family movie.

George and Buster film a video showing a built "wall", actually filmed while driving in circles around a Hall & Burton's Frozen Goat Cream silo. At Cinco de Cuatro Michael tells George that he got Love against the wall and that he was going to make love to Lucille Austero. George then gives the wall plan away to Lucille Austero who forbids him to use the Bluth Company (which she owns) to build the wall, a political agenda she opposes. George then meets with Dr. Norman who tells him that his testosterone levels were so low they were in the "baby" range. He moves back to Balboa Towers and begins living life as a woman.


Main Cast
  • Baron Vaughn as Hors d'oeuvre server
  • Andy St. Clair as Surveyor #1
  • Brad Morris as Surveyor #2
  • Tim Meinelschmidt as Detective Smee

Recurring themes


  • Birth Control - Love mocks people wanting subsidized birth control via health insurance, a political point during the 2012 presidential race.
  • Netflix - the fast-forward interface during the Lucille/Oscar sex scene is Netflix's mobile phone interface.
  • Signs - Oscar's group sing the song "Signs" by Five Man Electrical Band while burning the signs that would have shown the desert site to be in Mexico.
  • Marilyn Monroe - Lucille sings "Happy Birthday Mr. President" to George to stimulate him.
  • Famous directors - Rebel appeared in a Terrence Malick film, a Woody Allen film, and PSAs directed by her father Ron Howard.
  • Jessica Chastain - Rebel starred in a Terrence Malick film. Redheaded actress Jessica Chastain, who starred in Malick's The Tree of Life, was rumored to be Ron Howards's illegitimate daughter.
  • Moe Howard - G.O.B. confuses the member of The Three Stooges with Ron Howard.

Callbacks/Running Jokes

Season 4 Clip - GOB's Bees

Season 4 Clip - GOB's Bees

  • C.W. Swappigan's - Love mentions the low-budget restaurant when joking with George.
  • Is Oscar Buster's father? - Oscar's theme music plays when Lucille mentions her son and Oscar assumes Buster.
  • Bees
    • George and Oscar use the name "Father B." at their sweat lodge.
    • G.O.B. is now a honey farmer and brings bees to George's sweat lodge. George asks "beans?", a callback to G.O.B.'s bee business in "Let 'Em Eat Cake".
  • Gangee - Lindsay gives George the check from Gangee 4: Facelift.
  • Bad parents - George thinks his granddaughter's name is "Maezy".
  • The Roofie Shop - The store George Sr. visits to fill his magazine prescription is the same store that supplies G.O.B.'s "forget-me-nows".
  • Lindsay's nose - George comments on Lindsay's nose surgery, mentioned in "The One Where Michael Leaves" and "Exit Strategy".
  • Shrimp - George eats coconut shrimp at Love's fundraiser. His love for shrimp is first seen in "Fakin' It".
  • FOX 6 - A news clip with the headline "Herbert Love Convention" shows Love supporting the wall project.
  • "All You Need Is Smiles" - George sings Oscar's song while driving his RV.
  • "No touching!" - The surveyor says "No hugging!" to George.
  • Mexico - Lucille and George's dislike of Mexico is shown again when they discover their owned land is in Mexico.
  • Buster's studies - Buster's cartography studies are mentioned by the narrator.
  • Google StreetView Car - Michael drives the Google StreetView car to the model home.
  • Pete the Mailman - G.O.B. pushes over a memorial to the late Pete the mailman who died in "Flight of the Phoenix"
  • PSA - Rebel appears in a PSA about shoplifting. She appears in more in later episodes of Season Four. Narrator jokes that it was "inspired by a photograph" — her mugshot, a nod to how Ron Howard chooses what movies to direct, as mentioned in "The B. Team".
  • Lemonade - Michael and G.O.B. drink John Beard's Mike's Hard Lemonade, previously seen in "A New Start".
Michael: Lindsay... no this... maybe Tobias. Narrator: It was John Beard.
  • "X... no Y." "It was Z." - When Michael sees the lemonade he assumes it was Lindsay or Tobias. The narrator clarifies that it was John Beard. This was used in "Flight of the Phoenix" when Michael sees the destroyed Balboa Towers penthouse and in "A New Start" when Tobias sees the same.
  • Shoddy model home - The counters of the kitchen island and living room bar break off when G.O.B. tries to open bottles on them.
  • Steve Holt - G.O.B. mentions his sons when Michael talks about disappointments and children.
  • Army - Buster wears his army outfit in George's RV.
  • Carl Weathers - Love asks George if he assumes Love is acting like the actor.
  • "The blue on the map is land" - The revelation that the map displayed on the show and apparently used by George Sr was drawn by Buster explains why Mexico is colored in blue and the ocean is colored in green.

Hidden/Background Jokes

  • Birth control - When Love jokes about birth control, he says "your birth control" while talking to George. Later, George becomes a woman due to high estrogen in his system.
  • George panics and says "Don't call me that!" when G.O.B. greets him as "Father", despite the fact everyone at the retreat he runs as "Father B." calls him the same thing.
  • The store where George goes to pick up his magazines and G.O.B. gets his forget-me-nows has a sign on the side that reads "WARNING: Are You In a Roofie Circle? HOW TO TELL: * The shame feels like it won't go away. * People are surprised when you're surprised to see them. * Loss of Month. * Weight Gain."
  • Michael mentions that he is living in a post-ostrich Balboa Towers.
  • Hal & Burton's Frozen Goat Cream - The fake ice cream company's Hazardous Materials Division logo is seen on the silo George and Buster drive around. The company is first mentioned in "Borderline Personalities".
  • Orange County Imagine Movie Posters - Includes  Ron Howard & Brian Grazer films with poor Spanish translations and one made up sequel.
    • Agua - Means "Water" in Spanish. The actual poster is from Splash.
    • Señor Princesa - Means "Mr. Princess" in Spanish. The poster is actually from Cinderella Man.
    • "Dos hombres, uno ve a una mujer con otro hombre que no es el primer hombre. ¿Que hara? ¿En caso de que le diga?" - Means "Two men, one sees a woman with another man who is not the first man . What will he do? What will he say to her in that case?" in Spanish. The poster is from The Dilemma.
    • Angeles Y Diablos: ¡Mas! ¡Mas! ¡Mas! -  Means "Angels and Devils: More! More! More!" in Spanish. Appears to be a sequel of Angels and Demons staring Tom Hanks's "Bosom Buddy" Peter Scolari.

Foreshadowing/Future References

  • In the scene where it shows the "Latest Herbert Love Spot Seems Like Bad 'Campaign Ad" Parody", a thumbnail on the right shows Herbert next to a giant hand, saying "Herbert Love Gets a Big Hand From Vet", foreshadowing Buster's giant hand and how he works with Herbert.
  • In the background of Love's fundraiser party, Buster can be seen dancing on the stage.
  • Love's wife Ophelia Love can be seen in the hotel lobby.
  • Although it's mostly either obscured by George Sr or out of frame, Buster's giant hand can be briefly seen when George drives with him around the "wall".
  • Lucille threatens Lucille Austero while talking with Oscar in their hotel room.
  • An explosion happens at Love's conventions' hotel.
  • While talking to George on the phone, Barry buys a small ladder, pays in cash and does not want a receipt.
  • G.O.B. drives his limo to George's sweat colony, and has bees in the back. He later drives it, with a giant cross, to the model home. What seems like an offhand remark about not remembering how he got the cross into the limo may be another sign of the roofie abuse seen in "Colony Collapse".
  • G.O.B. says his boxes of bees fell over because he had to swerve to avoid an ostrich. We find out in "Red Hairing" that Marky Bark's ostrich farm is right next to George's camp.
  • A flashback of "Divine Spirit" talks to George.
  • A screech noise can be heard in the model home. Michael assumes it is a vulture.


Herbert Love: You want me to reach in my pocket to pay for your birth control? I get to reach in your pocket and put it in.  

Narrator: Buster had indeed made the map as a cartography student because the class where you get to see naked people and draw them was full.  

Dr. Norman: You know, the Hopi Indians believed that this spot here, when manipulated, can create sexual feelings.

George: That's my penis.  

Dr. Norman: I don't know the exact numbers, but it's somewhere in the "baby" range.  

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  • In the opening credits, George's instrument is a guitar.
  • When Michael and GOB meet heading to Sudden Valley, the scene with their cars occurs at the intersection of Pico Canyon Drive and Southern Oaks Drive near Stevenson Ranch north of Los Angeles.
  • Tobias, Maeby, and George Michael do not appear in this episode.


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