1x12 Marta Complex (46)

El Amor Prohibido
Appearances: "Key Decisions", "My Mother, the Car", "Marta Complex", "Beef Consommé"

El Amor Prohibido ("The Forbidden Love" in English) is the Spanish-language soap opera (telenovela) in which Marta Estrella stars.


1x08 My Mother the Car (06)

The set as seen in "My Mother, the Car"

Marta is nomimated for an award at Los Premios Desi for her acting in the soap opera, but she does not win. ("Key Decisions") Michael later stalks her outside the set. ("My Mother, the Car") He visits the set on his hunt for Hermano and is heartbroken when he thinks he sees her with another man. Later, Buster watches El Amor and falls in love with Marta. ("Marta Complex") G.O.B. visits the set looking for Tío, and is knocked out by the actor's right hook. Michael talks with him on the set of a hospital. ("Beef Consommé")


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