FAO al-Jibaaly Muhammed a-Abat

FAO al-Jibaaly Muhammed a-Abat
First Appearance: "Making a Stand"

FAO al-Jibaaly Muhammed a-Abat is an Iraqi toy store in Newport Beach.


George arranged a job for Buster at FAO al-Jibaaly Muhammed a-Abat but Buster left because the job was exploiting his handicap: he was a security measure to scare kids from stealing toys. Buster quit and stole the sign reading "I Stole". After he left, the store owner kept his fake hand with the sign "He Stole" as an alternate deterrent. ("Making a Stand")


  • "FAO al-Jibaaly Muhammed a-Abat" is a riff on the oldest American toy store chain FAO Schwarz, named after its founder Frederick Schwarz.


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