Official website 2004

During the initial three seasons of Arrested Development the official Fox website was The site featured news, character bios, episode recaps, videos, and wallpaper downloads, among others. The site is no longer functional, but some features are accessible via the Wayback Machine.


From 2003 to 2004, Season One to the first half of Season Two, the site featured an entirely flash-website with an animated intro that played heavily on the Monopoly theme the Fox marketing team used to promote the show. The main page featured the Bluth family posed as Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper with Michael as the Christ-like figure position. View on the Wayback Machine.

Official website 2003


In January 2005, every site got a modernized face lift, ditching the animated flash intro and interface. By Season Three Fox realized the show was never going to garner a mass audience so didn't change the website for the new season. After the final season on Fox aired in February 2006, the site was retired in May 2006. View on the Wayback Machine.]

Official website 2004

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