2x09 Burning Love (11)

Frank Wrench is a character on TV's Wrench.
Actor: Rob Corddry (via Moses Taylor) — First Appearance: "Burning Love" — Last Appearance: "The Immaculate Election"

Frank Wrench is an obsessively by-the-books detective TV character in Wrench, played by Moses Taylor (in turn played by Rob Corddry).


Frank Wrench: You’re a dirty cop, so Frank Wright is going to clean you. Why is this door locked?

From "The Immaculate Election"

Wrench carries around women and dogs (and sometimes both at the same time) to save them from danger. He obeys all laws (including minor traffic laws) which make chasing criminals frustrating. ("Burning Love")

One episode features a dirty cop. ("The Immaculate Election")


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