2x14 The Immaculate Election (64)

Gallant and Goofuth
— Mentions: "The Immaculate Election"

Gallant and, um... Goofuth are, at least according to George, Biblical brothers. During his more religious moments, he suggested Michael was like Gallant, and G.O.B. was like Goofuth. ("The Immaculate Election")

George is confusing the story of Cain and Abel, rival brothers in The Book of Genesis, with Goofus and Gallant, cartoon characters used in the magazine Highlights for Children to teach lessons in manners and social skills.


George: Besides, you've always tried to lead a clean life. You and G.O.B. were like those biblical brothers, Gallant and, um... Goofuth.  

 From "The Immaculate Election"

Narrator: Michael realized that he had lived like Gallant, and if he wanted some dirty tricks to help his son’s election, he would have to find Goofuth.  

 From "The Immaculate Election"