4x03 Indian Takers (60)

Garden Grove Methadone Clinic
Appearances: First Appearance: "Indian Takers" Last Appearance: "A New Start"

Garden Grove Methadone Clinic is a rehab facility for people that have and want to get rid of an opioid addiction or dependency by utilizing a technique called Methadone Maintenance Therapy. Tobias attended the clinic, falsely believing it was an acting clinic called Method One and believed that the supplied methadone drug was 'acting juice' due to the fact that methadone is often mixed with juice or water in order to mask the taste.


4x03 Indian Takers (58)

Lindsay and Tobias at the Garden Grove Methadone Clinic

  • Lindsay meets Marky Bark, Marky is an Ostrich farmer. Lindsay takes this as a divine sign. She then leaves Tobias for Marky and they start a new life together.
  • Tobias meets Debrie and she tells him that she was in the Fantastic Four movie. Tobias eventually leaves Lindsay for Debrie.  


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