4x06 Double Crossers (10)

Herbert Love's Congress Campaign
Appearances: "Double Crossers", "Red Hairing", "Off the Hook"

'Herbert Love was running for Congress against Lucille Austero.


George Bluth meets with Herbert Love at his fundraising dinner and bribes him with a $50,000 check obtained from Lindsay to sponsor building the wall between America and Mexico. ("Double Crossers")

When Love goes missing David asks Lindsay to hold the audience and Lindsay prepares to admit she was sexually harassed by Love. Instead, the revelers upset her so she starts chanting to build the wall. When Love is found to be in a coma, David asks her to take his place on the ticket. ("Red Hairing")

Buster failed his "cute test", but he didn't kill the kitten so he was released from the hospital and he immediately met Ophelia Love campaigning for her husband Herbert Love. She brought him back to meet Herbert who began using Buster in his campaign speeches as a symbol of wasteful government spending. ("Off the Hook")