4x10 Queen B. (21)

"Hot mess"
Appearances: "Flight of the Phoenix", "Queen B.", "Off the Hook"

The Bluth family frequently use the phrase "hot mess" to describe each other in Season Four. It gained popular usage after the designer Christian Siriano used the term on the fourth season of Project Runway.


In "Borderline Personalities" Oscar tells Dr. Norman they have a "hot mess" when George Sr. passes out
  • In "Flight of the Phoenix", Michael calls Lucille Austero a "hot mess."
  • In "Queen B." Lucille and Buster learn the phrase "hot mess" while watching Project Runway.
  • In "Off the Hook", Buster tells Ophelia that he's lucky to have her in his life. "Just six weeks ago, I used to be a hot mess."

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