Insertmeanywhere was a website created by Netflix to help fans create viral content for Season Four. It was announced on Reddit. The site offers a collection of images and video clips available for download featuring Tobias Fünke "acting" in front of a green screen.

The introductory video shows Tobias greeting director James Cameron to his website, asking him to insert him in his upcoming movies, and gives a shoutout to Tobias's gig.


Tobias Fünke's Sizzling Reel - InsertMeAnywhere01:19

Tobias Fünke's Sizzling Reel -


I was chief resident of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital for two years, did my fellowship in psycho-linguistics at MIT and was the world’s first licensed analrapist. But 10 years ago I was bit by the acting bug, and decided to relentlessly pursue my dream no matter what my wife and daughter say.

My most notable roles have been as an understudy for the Blue Man Group and as George Bluth, Sr. in a very special episode of Scandalmakers, but I’m really looking to hone my chops in the film “biz,” as we insiders call it. That’s why I’ve created this Internet video audition reel—so that filmmakers could do away with the annoyance of “casting” and “craft services” to focus on what matters: the actor.[1]  

Characters available

  • Average Fellow
  • Cowpoke
  • Doctor
  • Action Hero
  • Big Man on Campus
  • Motocycle Ruffian


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