4x07 Colony Collapse (022)

Jackson is a member of the Coast Guard
Actor: Mac Brandt — First Appearance: "Borderline Personalities" — Last Appearance: "Queen B."

Jackson is a member of the United States Coast Guard who processes the Bluth family after the RMS Queen Mary sunk on February 10, 2006.

Character history

Season four

4x02 Borderline Personalities (72)

Jackson talking with George Bluth in "Borderline Personalities"

He helps George Bluth, who was not on the Queen Mary find his wife Lucille at the Harbormaster's Lodge. ("Borderline Personalities") He asks Lindsay if she is a member of the Bluth family, or a victim of their recent acts. She decides that she's a victim. ("Indian Takers")

G.O.B. shows Jackson several dead doves, dead rabbits, and dead mice due to the Queen Mary's capsizing. ("Colony Collapse") Lucille tells Jackson her false testimony but Buster tells the truth. ("Queen B.")


Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
"Borderline Personalities"
"Indian Takers"
"Colony Collapse"
"Queen B."
Season Five

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