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1x07 In God We Trust (23)
James Alan Spangler
ActorSam Pancake, Antony Desantis
First Appearance"In God We Trust"
Last Appearance"The Cabin Show"

James Alan Spangler is Barry Zuckerkorn's homosexual paralegal.

Character historyEdit

Season oneEdit

He sued Barry for discrimination against his homosexuality and was represented by Wayne Jarvis. ("In God We Trust") He later attended Tobias's book reading of The Man Inside Me at Livres Aux Folles and told him that the book would sell "like, a million copies." ("Let 'Em Eat Cake")

Season twoEdit

He later tried to join Army and was called "private homo" and sued his commanding officer. He again was represented by Wayne Jarvis. ("Sad Sack")

Season threeEdit

Barry Zuckerkorn promised to take James Alan Spangler to Reno, but left him at the office. ("The Cabin Show")


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Season One
"In God We Trust"
"Let 'Em Eat Cake"
Season Two
"Sad Sack"
Season Three
"The Cabin Show"
Season Four

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