4x03 Indian Takers (91)

Joan Bark is the Wife of Johnny Bark and Mother of Marky Bark
Appearances: First Appearance "Indian Takers" Last Appearance "Red Hairing"

Joan is Wife of Johnny Bark and is Marky Bark's mother. Joan lives with her son Marky on his Ostrich Farm. Like her son Marky, Joan also suffers from Face Blindness.

Character History

Season Four

4x03 Indian Takers (92)

Joan works at Johnny Bark's Bee Company with her husband Johnny Bark; the company was failing because the bees were sick. Johnny later died by getting swarmed by bees and falling from a tree.  (4x07 — "Colony Collapse")

She also works at Marky Bark's Ostrich Farm, helping Marky bread Ostriches.Joan is a frequent drug user, she demands Marky to get her some Mescaline; which is a recreational drug. She also suffers from face blindness, as she mistakes Lindsay for DeBrie; probably because Lindsay cut her hair so short.(4x08 — "Red Hairing")


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