4x05 - Lindsay and Tobias Fünke 03

Tobias and Lindsay Fünke are still married...

Lindsay and Tobias have one Daughter Maeby Fünke, they have an open and complicated marriage.



Season One

Season Two

Season Three

3x11 Family Ties (03)

Tobias started going to the gym in hope of bulking up so that Lindsay would find him more attractive. They had many awkward attempts at love making but Tobias' lack of masculinity was a turn-off for Lindsay, and Lindsay's lack of masculinity was a turn-off for Tobias. They decided to take some time off, and try again in thirty one days, but not before exchanging a list of "cant's" and "wont's". ("Family Ties")

Season Four

4x03 Indian Takers (46)

Lindsay and Tobias met at the Harbormaster's Lodge to talk about their future. Lindsay decided to call it quits with Tobias and to take some time off to discover what's important to her in her life. When Lindsay came back from India, she announced to her family that she was going to make things work with Tobias. Tobias and Lindsay visited James Carr to buy a modest new home but he fixed them up in a lavish mansion with a predatory loan. Tobias and Lindsay decided to visit a Method Acting clinic, actually a methadone clinic. Lindsay again lost hope in Tobias and ran into Marky Bark, when she realised that the clinic they went to was not an acting clinic but a Methadone clinic. ("Indian Takers") / ("A New Start") / ("Señoritis")


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