4x08 Red Hairing (219)

Lindsay is a true Bluth
Appearances: "Red Hairing"

Is Lindsay a true Bluth?


Season Three

3x13 Development Arrested (20)

Lindsay is clearly a lot older than Michael

Lindsay Bluth Fünke, né Nellie, was adopted by the Bluth family at age three and told she was a fraternal twin to Michael. ("Fakin' It") Lindsay's adoption is hinted at, early in the series, during the flashback to Michael comforting Lindsay as children. Lindsay is clearly a lot older than Michael in this flashback, despite the fact they're supposed to be twins. ("Development Arrested")

True Bluth Moments

Season Four

4x08 Red Hairing (003)

Lindsay is living on Marky Bark's Ostrich Farm

4x08 Red Hairing (098)

Lindsay at the tennis court

  • When Lindsay is living on Marky Bark's Ostrich Farm, she says "I'd give $20,000 for a lemonade right now" like George did. ("Borderline Personalities")
  • Lindsay goes to meet Lucille at the tennis court to ask her about the check she wrote. Lucille tells her "The apple does not far from the tree fall" and Lindsay replies "I am like you nothing". ("Red Hairing")
  • While at the The Century Plaza waiting for Marky Bark's Glitter Bomb to go off, Lindsay pinches Maeby's nose similar to how George Sr. pinches Lindsay's nose. ("Red Hairing")
  • Lindsay starts making puns - She says Markys glitter bomb will make them: "Blue in the face" and his second bomb for Herbert Love will rename Cinco de Cuatro "Sink-o"/"Cinco"). This season, Lucille often makes puns and points out when she does. ("Red Hairing")
  • At Cinco de Quatro, Lucille tells Lindsay, "I'm a Bluth and so are you."("Red Hairing")

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