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4x10 Queen B. (33)

Lucille Austero's pretend child
— Mentions: "Queen B.", "Off the Hook"

On two occasions it is mentioned that Lucille Austero pretended to have a child living with her in her penthouse.


At her trial in May 2007, Lucille Bluth pokes fun at Lucille Austero's "pretend child [she's] had all these years." (4x10 — "Queen B.") Days later, Buster asks if that pretend child's room is available for him to sleep in. (4x14 — "Off the Hook")

After these two accusations Lucille Austero adopts Perfecto Telles who lives with her in Balboa Towers. (4x2 — "Borderline Personalities")


Lucille 2: I wish you'd come to my rehab clinic. But, anything to help that Keystone Cop family of yours.

Lucille Bluth: Keystone Cops? Your references are as fresh as the wallpaper in the room of that pretend child you've had all these years.  

 From "Queen B."

Lucille 2: Before I invite you into my arms, my bedroom, my bathtub with the railing, I have to ask you something: are you sure you're ready for this?

Buster: So that pretend kid's bedroom... is that not an option?

Lucille 2: No, that room is all storage now, honey.  

 From "Off the Hook"

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