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4x03 Indian Takers (62)

Marky Bark is an ostrich farmer and activist
Actor: Chris Diamantopoulos — First Appearance: "Borderline Personalities" — Last Appearance: "Queen B."

Marky is the son of Johnny Bark and of Joan Bark.

Marky Bark is an Ostrich Farmer and Activist. He also has prosopagnosia (face blindness), so he can only recognize people by voice or if they flatout tell him who they are. Marky owns a AMC Pacer and a trailer, which he lives in and uses to travel around.

Character historyEdit

Season four

4x08 Red Hairing (027)
Marky in "Red Hairing"
ShireenADAdded by ShireenAD

Marky tries to help his girlfriend Debrie get off methadone, by taking her to a Methodone Clinic; where Marky Bark meets Lindsay. Marky tells Lindsay that he has an Ostrich farm and this leads to Marky leaving Debrie and starting a new life with Lindsay on his OstrichFarm. (4x03 — "Indian Takers")

Marky and Lindsay then leave the Ostrich farm and move into Balboa Tower, with Cindy the Ostrich. While at Balboa Towers Marky makes a blither bomb which he will trigger while Herbert Love is campaigning at The Century Plaza; he then receives help from Lindsay, as she provides the blue glitter. At the Century Plaza Marky hides inside Herbert Love's podium, the bomb explodes, Marky Bark blues himself and is subsequently arrested and thrown into Orange County Prison.  

4x08 Red Hairing (139)
Marky Bark blue himself in "Red Hairing"
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He then tells Lindsay that his charges have been increased to 'Non-Arab terrorist". After Marky Bark is released from Orange County Prison, Marky bumps into Lindsay at the Ealing Club. (4x08 — "Red Hairing")

A couple of days later Marky decides to try and get Herbert Love again by blowing up his campaign at Cinco de Cuatro. He places a suitcase under the float; subsequently blowing the platform up. Tobias recognises Lindsay on the platform, they shout for Lindsay to get off of the platform in time, before the bomb explodes. But instead of the platform blowing up; the boat explodes with Marky and Tobias onboard. (4x10 — "Queen B.")



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  • Note: * denotes appeared credited Rich Chrisandanost as Divine Spirit.
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