3x04 Notapusy (55)

Miss Inner Beauty an 'inner-beauty' pageant
Appearances: Notapusy

Miss Inner Beauty was a pageant that Hope Loblaw, Ann Veal and Maeby (as Surely Wolfbeak) took part in at the Church and State Fair. ("Notapusy")


  • Hope Loblaw sang an song Lindsay wrote, with the main lyrics "Love Stain On You".
  • Ann Veal attempted to sing a We Three Kings with a camel-tow.


  • G.O.B.
  • A police officer
  • "Spiro Thessalonika" (rough reading of name tag)
  • "Pope Impersonator", from the Church


  • First: Surely Wolfbeak
  • Second: Hope Loblaw (implied)
  • Third: Ann Veal


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