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1x03 Bringing Up Buster (29)

Much Ado About Nothing
Appearances: "Bringing Up Buster"

1x03 Bringing Up Buster (46)

Steve Holt and Maeby sharing a kiss

Much Ado About Nothing is a play by Shakespeare.

Tobias attempted to direct a high school production based on this play in "Bringing Up Buster", containing (and various points) Maeby, George Michael, and Steve Holt.

Maeby is initially cast as Beatrice, the leading female. Steve Holt is initially cast as the leading male, while George Michael is his stand-in.

As the lead characters kiss at one point in the play, Maeby is taking part in order to get an opportunity to kiss Steve, while George Michael is hoping to kiss Maeby.

After some rehearsals, Tobias switched the normal gender roles, resulting in Steve Holt wearing a dress (in fact, Lindsay's dress).

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