Ostriches are a recurring theme in Season Four. Most notably, Lindsay and Marky Bark move into Lucille's penthouse in Balboa Towers with Cindy the Ostrich. They are also mentioned in the Season One episode "Key Decisions".

Arrested Development showrunner Mitch Hurwitz has said that symbol of the ostrich works well for the Bluths as they share some of the same problems, they're unaware of how awkward they are and are essentially flightless (in the sense that flight equates to freedom.)


Jason Bateman: The ostrich was fake, so I got nowhere near him. The vulture was real, and he smelled surprisingly good, though we shot early in the day, so he probably had just showered. They’re not friendly looking creatures.     2013 Netflix Press Conference
Portia de Rossi: I worked with an ostrich. I did a lot of work with an ostrich, and it was terrifying. It’s big. They’re not very friendly, although they have nice eyelashes and big eyes.     2013 Netflix Press Conference


1x04-lindsay-Ostrich Boots
  • Lindsay claims she's passionate for nature. Michael reminds her she's wearing ostrich-skin boots. She responds that she doesn't care about ostriches. ("Key Decisions")

4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (140)

4x02 Borderline Personalities (14)

4x02 Borderline Personalities (33)
4x03 Indian Takers (01)

4x03 Indian Takers (33)

4x03 Indian Takers (34)
  • Lindsay sees an ostrich outside of her hotel where her shaman's tent once stood. ("Indian Takers")

4x03 Indian Takers (90)

Marky Bark and his mother Joan Bark own an ostrich farm in Mexico. ("Indian Takers")

4x04 The B. Team (006)

4x05 A New Start (85)
4x06 Double Crossers (33)
  • G.O.B. tells his father he had to swerve to miss an ostrich while driving down to

Father B.'s Colony. ("Double Crossers")

4x08 Red Hairing (037)

4x10 Queen B. (66)
  • The last time Lucille cried was 60 years ago when she found the remains of her ostrich. ("Queen B.")

4x10 Queen B. (94)
  • Lucille looks over at an ostrich pinata at Cinco de Cuatro. ("Queen B.")

4x11 A New Attitude (21)
  • An ostrich prop at Tony Wonder's show causes G.O.B. to have a flashback to his time in the storage locker (which contained a drinking bird toy.) ("A New Attitude")

4x12 Señoritis (045)
  • The Fünkes watch a Thanksgiving cartoon featuring an ostrich. ("Señoritis")

4x12 high school

4x14 Off the Hook (123)

  • The painting that gets flipped over by the horde during Cinco is a painting of an ostrich.



Season 4 Clip - Ostrich00:20

Season 4 Clip - Ostrich

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