2x04 Good Grief (48)

Appearances: "Good Grief" — Mentions: "Prison Break-In"

P2252 is a code found on a wall in Mexico when George Sr. does his Charlie Brown walk. ("Good Grief") The code is later used to unlock George's ankle monitor the next season. ("Prison Break-In")

In a 2013 interview with Empire magazine, Mitch Hurwitz stated that "P2252" was randomly painted on the wall by the set department and some fans on read too deep into its importance (as fans did with 47 on Alias or The Numbers on Lost.) When it came time to use a combination in "Prison Break-In" Mitch used P2252 just to tease fans.


  • P2252 maybe be short for "Peanuts 1922 1952", where 1922 is the birth year Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, and 1952 is the year Peanuts debuted as a Sunday strip.