1x09 Storming the Castle (47)

Peanut brittle
Appearances: "Storming the Castle""

Peanut brittle is a food that Lucille Austero gives to Buster. Lucille worries that it will give him cavities, and George asks if he can get some of the peanut brittle. ("Storming the Castle")


Lucille: He stays there sometimes until 7:00, 8:00 at night. Peanut brittle on his breath. Is she the one who’s going to take him to the dentist?

Buster: She already has.

Buster: What?

George, Sr.: May you live. May you be well. I give you my blessing.

Buster: Wow!

Lucille: Are you out of your mind?

George, Sr.: Yeah, just follow the heart that God gave you, hmm?

Guard #2: No touching. No...

George, Sr.: Can you get me some of that peanut brittle?  

 From "Storming the Castle"

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