1x06 Visiting Ours (23)

Dr. Phil Gunty, M.F.C.C. is a marriage counselor
Actor: Bob Odenkirk — First Appearance: "Visiting Ours"

Dr. Phil Gunty is a marriage counselor in the Newport Beach area of Orange County.

Character history

Season one

1x06 Visiting Ours (36)

Dr. Gunty in "Visiting Ours"

When Lindsay and Tobias recognize that they are undergoing marital problems they visit Dr. Gunty. Lindsay complains about Tobias' obsession with acting, to which Dr. Gunty suggests role playing. He and Tobias role play as Lindsay and Tobias and nearly kiss.

Dr. Gunty later expresses that he is leaving his counseling practice to pursue acting. ("Visiting Ours")


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