4x12 Señoritis (162)

Appearances: "Flight of the Phoenix", "A New Start", "Red Hairing", "Señoritis"

Members of the Bluth Family were prepared to sleep with people for money, some of without knowing.


3x11 Family Ties (49)

Nellie is a prostitute that Michael mistakenly thinks is his sister, a supposed Nellie Bluth. He hires her to work for the Bluth Company for a while, making several employees quite happy. ("Family Ties")

4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (019)

A drunk Michael approaches Lucille 2 atop her stair car and propositions her for sex to repay part of the $700,000 he owed her. ("Flight of the Phoenix")

4x05 A New Start (82)

When Tobias and DeBrie ran out of money, DeBrie was about to turn a trick in exchange for a hamburger.("A New Start")

4x12 Señoritis (142)

Maeby was also approached by Herbert Love's assistant David to pimp Lindsay out when he overheard Maeby call her mother a "whore". ("Red Hairing") ("Señoritis")