4x09 Smashed (11)

Richter Family
Appearances: Season Two, Season Three, Season Four

  • Donnie Richter is Andy Richter's identical twin brother, and a teacher at Openings school. He is George Michael's teacher for the short period that George Michael attends.
  • Rocky Richter-Wang is Andy's stunt double and is not happy that Andy is "a pig", which means Rocky has to look like "a pig" too.
  • Andy Richter is an actor who occasionally interacts with the Bluth family.
  • Emmett Richter is an identical quintuplet of Andy Richter, Donnie Richter, Chareth Richter, and Rocky Richter-Wang.
  • Chareth Richter is known as "Chareth the flirt," a subtle nod to Michael's alter persona Chareth Cutestory seen in "Altar Egos".


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