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1x09 Storming the Castle (41)

Rollo is a second leader of The Alliance of Magicians
Actor: Marc Grapey — First Appearance: "Storming the Castle"

Rollo is a magician, and G.O.B.'s replacement in The Alliance of Magicians.

Character historyEdit

Season oneEdit

1x09 Storming the Castle (29)
Rollo in "Storming the Castle"
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After G.O.B. is outsed from the Alliance, Rollo takes over and changes the slogan to "We demand to be taken really seriously." Rollo then tells Michael to tell G.O.B. to "say goodbye to his legs" which Michael takes as a threat but G.O.B. explains his legs is just his assistant in the saw the lady in half illusion. G.O.B. convinces Rollo to give him another shot to be in the alliance and performs a show at the Gothic Castle but is rejected admittance because his assistants, George Michael and Marta are not Alliance approved. ("Storming the Castle")


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