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4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (028)

Roofie circle
Appearances: "Flight of the Phoenix", "Colony Collapse", "A New Attitude", "Blockheads"

A roofie circle happens when someone willingly takes a Forget-Me-Now (pill) too late to erase the memory, however the consumption of the pill itself is forgotten, creating a vicious cycle. ("Colony Collapse")


Narrator: And soon G.O.B. found himself experiencing what on the street is referred to as a "roofie circle" whereby a roofie is taken the day after a degrading event too late to erase the memory of the degrading event itself but not too late to erase the prior day's attempt to erase the event. Thus, with no memory of taking the roofie but the memory of the event very much alive, the victim of the roofie circle finds himself constantly trying to re-erase the memory but only succeeds in erasing the memory of the attempt to erase the memory. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and relationships grow testy. And what begins in shame almost always ends in a Mexican hospital with stage 4 syphilis.  

 From "Colony Collapse"

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