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S4 billboard

Season Four marketing

The following events, images, videos, and posters were released by Netflix to build anticipation toward Arrested Development's return for Season Four.

Events & PromotionsEdit

Official imagesEdit


Set PhotosEdit published an article with set designer Jennifer Lukehart highlighting some of the challenges and opportunities of designing the sets for Arrested Development Season Four: Exclusive: On the Set of Arrested Developments New Season

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Teaser PostersEdit

Character postersEdit

Social mediaEdit

On April 4, 2013 Netflix revealed the official Facebook page and @ArrestedDev Twitter account for the new season of Arrested Development and has since been sharing highlights from the first three seasons and season four.


On May 16, 2013 the Official Arrested Development Facebook page launched a countdown to the Season 4 Premiere. You can keep up to date by looking at the Official Facebook Page





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