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1x14 Shock and Awww (17)

Shannon was a high school student that G.O.B. dated
Actor: Maliabeth Johnson — First Appearance: "Shock and Aww"

G.O.B. was courting Shannon until she dumped him for sleeping around.

Character historyEdit

Season oneEdit

1x14 Shock and Awww (67)

G.O.B. and Shannon in "Shock and Aww"

G.O.B. met Shannon at National Garb, a clothing store where she worked. Because she was in high school she only felt comfortable going on a double date so she brought Nazhgalia on her date to Klimpy's Express. G.O.B. mistook Michael's basic human decency to Nazhgalia as attraction so he slept with Nazhgalia. At the Diversity Dance Shannon dumped G.O.B. for sleeping with Nazhgalia and Mrs. Whitehead. ("Shock and Aww")


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