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4x04 The B. Team (079)

Stefan Gentles is a warden of Orange County Prison
Actor: James Lipton — First Appearance: "Staff Infection" — Last Appearance: "The B. Team"

  Warden Gentles: I can’t say no to the woman who gave me chlamydia.
From "Prison Break-In"

Stefan Gentles is a warden of Orange County Prison, is an aspiring screenwriter, and is infatuated with Lucille Bluth. He is portrayed by James Lipton and appears in five episodes of Arrested Development in Seasons One, Three, and Four.

Character history

Season one

1x16 Altar Egos (44)

Warden Gentles in "Altar Egos"

Stefan Gentles replaced James Buck as warden of Orange County Prison for unknown reasons. When Tobias wanted to research the role of Frightened Inmate #2 he asked Warden Gentles to be admitted to the same cell as George Bluth. The warden obliged under one condition—that Tobias give Carl Weathers a copy of the warden's New Warden screenplay. ("Staff Infection")

While overseeing a chain-gang, Warden Gentles praised George Bluth on his Caged Wisdom video and blooper reel. ("Altar Egos")

When Tobias was traded to White Power Bill by George for a pack of cigarettes, Tobias complained to Warden Gentles. The warden told him that White Power Bill was fear incarnate, and the best person to learn about true fear from. ("Missing Kitty")

3x07 Prison Break-In (19)

Gentles flirts with Lucille in "Prison Break-In"

Season three

Warden Gentles wrongfully incarcerated Oscar Bluth, believing him to be George Bluth. This costs Gentles a promotion and provides inspiration for the plot of his rewrite of New Warden. The warden is infatuated with Lucille Bluth, but his attempts at seduction fall short. She does provide him with creative inspiration, such as suggesting he use 'chlamydia' instead of 'crabs'. To win her affection he lets the Bluth family hold their Graft Versus Host charity ball in the prison. ("Prison Break-In")

Season four

4x04 The B. Team (072)

Warden Gentles in "The B. Team"

Warden Gentles is hired by Michael Bluth to be the screenwriter of the Untitled Michael B. Project. He accepts the position after failing to get his Transformers script acquired by Bruckheimer Entertainment. Gentles uses an iPad to write the script, but runs into many technical hurdles. ("The B. Team")



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Season One
"Staff Infection"
"Altar Egos"
"Missing Kitty"
Season Two
Season Three
"Prison Break-In"
Season Four
"The B. Team"

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