4x07 Colony Collapse (098)

Storage Dave is the host of Locker Hawkers
Actor: Peter Jason — First Appearance: ""Colony Collapse"" — Last Appearance: ""Off the Hook""

Storage Dave is the host of the television program Locker Hawkers: Something Smells Terrible Edition and rescues G.O.B. from a storage unit.

Character history

Season four

Dave is auctioning off a storage locker for Locker Hawkers when G.O.B. is discovered dressed as a feral Jesus Christ eating Red Vines inside the locker. ("Colony Collapse") G.O.B. later has a flashback to this incident and believes voice was the voice of god. ("A New Attitude")

The same episode of Locker Hawkers is on a television at a pawn shop visited by Buster. ("Off the Hook")


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