1x13 Beef Consomme (23)

Tío is a character on El Amor Prohibido
Actor: Javier (portrayed by Jesus Nebot) — First Appearance: "Beef Consommé"

Tío is a character on the Spanish-language soap opera El Amor Prohibido portrayed by a man named Javier.

Character history

Season one

When Buster informs G.O.B. that "hermano" means "brother" he also informs him them that on Marta's soap opera there is a character named Tío who is Marta's character's brother. G.O.B. assumes this man is the person having an affair with Marta so he approaches him on the set of El Amor Prohibido. The actor knocks G.O.B. out with a right hook, which he learned from portraying Oscar de la Hoya in a movie. ("Beef Consommé")


  • Tío is portrayed by the fictional Javier who is portrayed by the real-world Jesus Nebot.
  • The word "tío" means "uncle" in Spanish. Buster is either mistaken and Tío is not Marta's character's brother, or the producers of Arrested Development were having a laugh.

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