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4x05 A New Start (44)

Thanksgiving Miracle
Appearances: "Indian Takers", "A New Start", "Señoritis"

A week before Thanksgiving Lindsay, Tobias and Maeby's Thanksgiving miracle.


4x03 Indian Takers (77)

The Fünke's were trying to decide what to have for Thanksgiving dinner, when all of a sudden there was a "miracle". When Lindsay opened a cupboard and found a Duck; the Fünke's Mansion was built on swamplands but, the duck was still a surprise.

They decided to cook the duck. After a few hours Lindsay and Maeby were waiting at the dining room. Tobias brought out a thanksgiving tray and revealed the "cook" Duck. When all of a sudden, the Duck jumped up from the serving tray and started walking around the dining room.



Arrested Development Duck Scene00:50

Arrested Development Duck Scene

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