4x08 Red Hairing (130)

The Century Plaza
Appearances: "Double Crossers" "Colony Collapse" "Red Hairing" "Señoritis" "Blockheads"

Main Events

4x13 It Gets Better (84)

Events held at The Century Plaza Hotel

Other Events

4x06 Double Crossers (06)

George meets with Herbert Love at his fundraising dinner and bribes him with a $50,000 check obtained from Lindsay to sponsor building the wall between America and Mexico. ] America and

4x08 Red Hairing (118)

At Love's fundraiser dinner, Lindsay gives the $50,000 check to George (who, in turn, gives it to Love to support building the wall).port buildi

4x08 Red Hairing (121)

Lindsay runs into Maeby who finds respect for her mother's glitter bomb ploy. Lindsay loses track of time flirting with Herbert Love (not knowing it was him) and forgets to let Marky out of the podium (which was wedged shut by G.O.B.). The glitter bomb explodes and Marky is arrested. She get's Love's phone number, which Maeby witnesses, causing her to call her mother a whore. ll her moth

4x12 Señoritis (135)

Maeby overheard his Fakeblock idea and decided to turn it into a business when she realized that receiving an Opie Award for Lifetime Achievement meant her entertainment career had died. She was also approached by Herbert Love's assistant to pimp Lindsay out when he overheard Maeby call her mother a "whore". She continued to go to high school and date Perfecto Telles until she saw him in a bar and determined he was an undercover cop. was an und

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