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4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (009)

" The Cockroach "
Appearances: "Flight of the Phoenix"

"The Cockroach" is a song that appears in Arrested Development . It was written by composer David Schwartz and Gabriel Mann. It appears on At Long Last... Music and Songs from Arrested Development.


The song plays while a drunk Michael Bluth approaches Lucille Austero atop her stair car and propositions her for sex to repay part of the $700,000 he owed her.


The cockroach, the cockroach

I thought you said you cleaned in here

But when you come back on the 6th of May

Your job, she maybe is no here

The cockroach, the cockroach

My maid I can no longer trust

When she comes in late on the very next day

I don’t believe she missed the bus 

 From "At Long Last... Music and Songs from Arrested Development"

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