1x22 Let 'Em Eat Cake (42)

The Low-Carb Gay, Bi, and Transgender Diet
Appearances: "Let 'Em Eat Cake"

The Low-Carb Gay, Bi, and Transgender Diet is a book that is shown on as a recommendation while viewing The Man Inside Me. The author is listed as "B. J. Zuckerkorn" which can be assumed is Barry Zuckerkorn. The title is mocking the popular low-carb Atkins diet and its acronym (LGBT) refers to a common acronym standing for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. This acronym once again refers to Barry's secret life and provides it with a link to The Man Inside Me, a popular book in the gay community.. ("Let 'Em Eat Cake")

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    • I've noticed that a recommended book to buy with Tobias' "The Man Inside Me" was "the low-card gay, bi and transgen...
    • It's supposed to be a very hidden nod about Barry. No idea what the "J" stands for though.

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