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The Man Inside Me
Appearances: "Let 'Em Eat Cake", "Righteous Brothers", "Prison Break-In"

The Man Inside Me is a self-help book written by Tobias Fünke written on the topic of finding a masculine identity.


The Man Inside Me

Cover art for the first (and only) edition.

The book struggled to find readers until the gay community discovered it and appreciated it for different reasons than intended. At the request of the gay fanbase, Tobias changed all predicates to the male form. He also performed readings from the book to fans.

Fans of the book include Man with "Freedom" sign and James Alan Spangler. They were seen attending a reading at Livres Aux Folles. ("Let 'Em Eat Cake")

Tobias' book was displayed when he attended a depressed men's group accidentally as a Blue Man Group member. ("Righteous Brothers")

Later, Michael discovered boxes of the books in the model home's attic. All the copies had the sticker "Free with any other book (or magazine)". Tobias was also seen reading his book in G.O.B.'s Graft Versus Host video. ("Prison Break-In")


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