• I just made a really long and thought out post about how I personally think the show is trying to hint that G.O.B. might be gay, but when I went to post it, I had to sign in, and once I did, it disappeared. Bummer :(

    So anyways, I guess I'll just open it up to discussion. Is G.O.B. gay? Or are we supposed to believe he misinterpreted his friendship feelings as romantic ones?

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    • In a recent NPR interview, Hurwitz described the incestuous relationship between George Michael and Maeby to be just misguided familial love — that George Michael wasn't used to having a cousin around and his care and love for her came out in an inappropriately erotic way.

      Likewise, Tobias can't express his love toward Lindsay — she shoots it down — so he ends us spreading it everywhere which makes it seem like he's gay. Similar misguided attempts at love are seen in Buster's affection toward Lucille 2 and Ophelia and I'd even argue that Michael's obsession with Rebel as Tracey's doppelgänger and Lindsay's daddy issues/choice in men are shades of this.

      I think the 'same' thing is happening with G.O.B.. In "A New Attitude" the narrator says:

      G.O.B.: I have feelings for you.

      Tony Wonder: I have feelings for you.

      Narrator: The feeling was friendship, but neither had ever experienced it.  

       From "A New Attitude"

      So, to answer your question — is G.O.B. gay? — I don't think the answer really matters. What's interesting in his relationship with Tony is that both men find friendship for the first time in their lives. They're both so twisted by insecurity that they try to use to against the other person only after misunderstanding the feeling for romantic attraction.

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    • It doesn't matter is he's gay or not. But I don't think he is. The fact that Gob finds it so hard to find friends and then finds himself in an amazing friendship with Wonder is actually kinda cute.

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    • BUT... When Michael discovers Tony Wonder in the Model Home, he yells "I knew it!" Maybe there's a little-revealed-to-the-audience but much-talked-about-among-the-family 'running joke' that GOB is gay?

      Also I couldn't help but think "foreshadowing" when Tobias sits with GOB at the harbormaster's lodge and says "You look how I feel," to which GOB says "...Gay?"

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    • I know, that's what I'm thinking as well... We'll just have to wait and see

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    • Replying to this incredibly late, but I am positive Gob's relationship with Tony is more than just friendship. I could quote countless examples from the episode (the narrator's words after the mask scene, Gob's 'bad example' to Michael outright saying he was in love with him) and point out that the narrator isn't always right concerning what the Bluth's are feeling/thinking (the ending to Maeby's episode in season 4 being one example) but instead I am going to link an interview  where Mitch himself confrims it.

      Eh... one more point. Both TOBIAS (the king of having obvious subtext go over his head) and China Garden see Gob's excited conversations with/about Tony Wonder as strong feelings for him. That all besides, Gob's relationship is really sweet /touching and I hope to see more of it in the movie/season 5. 

      Apologizes for the ranty/overly long post, I'm just tired of so many reviewers/commentors overlooking this episode when I think something like this is so important. I have never seen a beforehand completely straight character have an episode like this and think it is so great that the writers did this, and that it should be appreciated in full the guts they had to do this. 

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    • Great analysis. Whatever their connection is, it was both heartwarming and funny to see evolve.

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    • Very nice review. I think it's going to be a funny twist of things. I can't wait to see what happens in S5 / Movie

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    • GOB isn't gay - he has some bizarre and twisted ideas about women, but he's not gay -

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    • ^ That isn't the point

      We're talking about his relationship with Tony Wonder.

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    • There has been plenty of hints before season 4 that Gob is bisexual. HIs feelings for Tony Wonder didn't come out from nowhere.

      In season one, Gob mistook a couple of yacht buyers for the "Asian hotties" that he ordered, and he was willing to still have sex even though it was a man and woman. Gob once mentioned to George Michael that he had a threesome with a guy and a girl. He was part of the Hot Cops, and the strippers all seemed gay. In season 2, Gob kept "accidentally" flirting with Gary at the office and even had him sit on his lap while rocking in the chair. He did the same thing with another guy at Sitwell's office. When Gob first met Tony Wonder in Sword of Destiny, he was all giddy and excited, instead of jealous of his rival. When Gob became a waiter at the country club, he said, "I don't have any drugs to sell. Unless you wanted me to follow you to your car." He seems to mean some sexual favors for money, and he makes no objection about the other waiter being a guy and not a girl.

      I am also of the opinion that the narrator is wrong about "the feeling was friendship." He's said several things in the show that were flat out wrong (such as the stuff about the three houses of Parliament in Britain and how George Michael's happiest moment in his whole life was the moment with Maeby at the prison gala). I mean, look how similar Gob's first date with Tony Wonder is to the night of escalating dares with his wife. They do many of the same things in the photos. Gob also mentions that he has watched "Straight Bait" porn before, as if he likes watching gay sex. Personally I think Gob is bi rather than just gay, but season 4 seems to be playing it like he was in denial about being gay all these years.

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    • In Tony's magic show at the Gothic Castle in A New Attitude, one of the tricks he performs is throwing glitter into the audience and shouting out, "Now you're all gay!"

      The Narrator mentions that it was easy to see how he had done that trick, because everyone in the audience was gay in the first place, which I guess includes Gob because he was part of the crowd too. When he was in the dressing room locking Tony's stuff, he saw the bird that reminded him of the one he saw when he was trapped after the Jesus Christ illusion. During the flashback, the words, "You know tomorrow if you don't open up and let someone else in, then the treasures you have inside may never come out," are heard. This could indicate that letting someone like Tony into his life could finally hlep himbecome a better person.

      Also, let's not forget the look on his face when Tony did the whole 'secret I was forced to keep' monlogue at the start of the act.

      Finally, in the finale. When Tony leaves a voicemail in his phone asking if their sex date is still on, Gob just stares into the mirror. Normally, this is where he'd say, "I've made a huge mistake," but he just remains silent.

      I see Gob as more bi than straight, but it's still an interesting idea to develop on. I'm not sure if Tony really does reciprocate Gob's feelings for him, but nevertheless, it should be interesting to see what he does with this news about himself, whether he comes out to his family, what happens with him and Tony etc.

      And the writers better put either a banner saying 'Family love gay" or a scene where Lucille says that Gob had tricked them into thinking he was straight and Gob replies with, "My heterosexuality wasn't a trick, mother, it was an ILLUSION!" or so God help me.

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    • a scene calling his male slut lifestyle "an ILLUSION" would be a highlight moment when relecting back. 

      i think he is fluid...pan sexual in that his self worth is twisted around his charming phyisical attributes and doing 'magic' whether its dealing with kitty or breaking into a permit office.

      i dont know if he can express love or emotional connections without intense physical contact. michael is repetedly subjected to gobs attempts to simply express brotherly love...making michael taste his happy which tastes a lot like sad...his hand puppet franklin CD...i

      will they end 'their' life together...will ann's first straight to gay conversion stick...

      i just hope they end up feral in a storage unit

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